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About us

Trading Company Technology Trade is a leading operator at the Ukrainian market of ingredients for meat-processing industry. Our product line includes:

Company’s mission is to provide meat-processing industry of Ukraine with high-quality ingredients and technologies.

Objectives of the Trading Company Technology Trade:

  • merchandising of wide range of high-quality ingredients with competitive prices at the Ukrainian market
  • provide our partners with professional technical support aimed to expand the range and improve the quality of final products

Company’s policy is based on four fundamental principles:

  • high-quality products that conform to strict microbiologic and food safety standards
  • competitive prices
  • timely deliveries of products
  • complete services and technical support for customers.

We employ highly skilled technologists, on the basis of their research we develop formulae taking into account high technology and methods of meat-processing industry. Technologists hold consultations about food ingredients usage that help to achieve high quality of final product at all the factories. Apart from that along with leading specialists of the companies Aromadon, Scanflavour and Solina our technologists work out exclusive products for every company.

Our specialists provide all the factories of meat industry with technical support by working out technical provisions in terms of state standards; they are in constant development due to active research and practical activities.

On an annual basis Trading Company Technology Trade invites its clients to exhibitions, seminars in Denmark and Russia and also organizes its own seminars with the assistance of leading specialists and technologists aimed to sophistication of technology and modernization of meat-processing.

We’ll become your reliable business partner!

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