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Stabilizers and emulsifiers TM «Hydrosol»

Stabilizers and emulsifiers TM «Hydrosol»

Stabilizers and emulsifiers TM «Hydrosol»

Thanks to elaborate innovative solutions intended primarily for stabilization of food, Hydrosol Company has gained a leading position in the international market.

Hydrosol Company is one of the fastest growing companies of international scale among the manufacturers of stabilizers for food products with branches throughout the world, which develops and produces stabilizing systems for dairy products, ice cream, desserts, delicatessen products, ready meals, as well as for meat and sausage products taking into account the needs of customers.

All products of Hydrosol have one thing in common: they are individually prepared solutions that give your products the desired properties.

Thanks to the great dedication to business and know-how Hydrosol has become an outstanding center of competence in the development of stabilizers and emulsifiers for different directions of the food industry.

Food additives for the production of delicatessen products and ready meals

Cost reduction in the production of ready meals is a decisive competitive advantage.
Hydrosol stabilizing systems provide reliable quality products and optimum consistency.

Food additives for the production of dairy products

Specialists of Hydrosol company have developed a cost-effective and simple-to-use functional systems for the stabilization of different products based on milk.

Food additives for ice cream

In close cooperation with customers the specialists of Hydrosol are developing stabilizing systems that can adjust all of the important characteristics of a product.

Food additives for meat and sausage products

The company Hydrosol has developed stabilizing and emulsifying systems for the production of cooked and smoked sausages, ham and restructured meat products to meet the requirements of manufacturers of these products.

Food additives for fish products

Hydrosol offers special stabilizing system, encouraging maturation of fish products, for fish goods subjected to heat treatment, for smoked salmon and items from salmon, for seafood, as well as conservants.

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