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Sausage emulsion

EPIDERM XF3 emulsion of new generation

EPIDERM XF3 watery protective dipping emulsion for uncooked smoked and uncooked jerked sausages. Manufacturing company is KREMBLIS (Lithuania).

EPIDERM XF3 protects sausage against mold and bacteria, prevents weight loss and adds lustre and decent appearance.

Chemical composition: water, acrylic acid dispersion (CH2 =CH-COOH), 1.0 % potassium sorbate, 0.05 % natamycin, dextrose.

EPIDERM XF3 characteristics:

  • Appearance: milking liquid
  • Scent: sweetish
  • Water solubility: soluble
  • Density (20º ): ~1.03 g/cm³
  • Boiling point: ~ 100º C
  • rate: ~ 7.0

Recommendations for use:

  • EPIDERM XF3 is watered in the ratio 1:1
  • The temperature of sausage has to be minimum 10
  • The temperature of solution has to be 15-25
  • The temperature of facilities has to be not below 14
  • Sink sausage into the solution completely for 1-2 sec; at this the surface of sausage has to be dry and clean
  • Dry sausage up during 1-2 hours

With the use of EPIDERM XF3 your companys products will be both of high quality and at competitive price!

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