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Spices and seasonings of TM Vostochny Gorod

In 2006 company Aromadom developed a new project: production of packaged spices for shops and public food service establishments under the trademark Vostochny Gorod.

Trading Company Technology Trade offers to its clients at the market of spices and seasonings choice spices, seasonings and spice blends of trademark Vostochny Gorod that are purchased in countries of origin from the most reliable suppliers.

There are two variants of packaged spices line:

  • packaged spices in packets, quantity - 10 and 20 grams;
  • packaged spices in jars, quantity - from 50 to 150 grams.

Comfortable, bright and sensible package makes our products recognizable and makes it possible to differentiate them among other similar products.

All the products brought to your notice conform to sanitary standards. Products underwent voluntary certification of quality. In 2006 in Russia products under the trademark Vostochny Gorod were marked as The best goods of Don. In December, 2006 the trademark won the contest Hundred best goods in Russia. In March, 2007 at the specialized food exhibition ProdEkspoYug 2007 the trademark was awarded with the certificate For the wide range and high quality of products and with the medal for the contest The Leader of Quality that was held within the exhibition. In September, 2007 at the exhibition Rostov Hospitable 2007 spices of trademark Vostochny Gorod were awarded with the gold medal. In October, 2007 at the exhibition Food Market that took place in Volgograd spices under the trademark Vostochny Gorod were awarded with the gold medal for the high quality of product.

Natural spices, seasonings and flavours
Vostochny Gorod

Ginger powder
Coriander powder
Nutmag powder
Allspice in corns
Allspice powder
Chilli powder
Ground black pepper
Dried parsley
Seasoning For grill
Seasoning 5 peppers
Seasoning Adjika
Seasoning Flavour Garni for fish soup
Seasoning For beefsteaks and cutlets
Seasoning For beef
Seasoning For chicken
Seasoning For fish
Seasoning For pork
Seasoning For shashlyk
Seasoning Zirvak for pilaf
Seasoning Indian Curry
Seasoning Mexican
Seasoning Herbes de Provence
Seasoning Siamese
Seasoning Paprika blend
Seasoning Khmeli-suneli
Dried dill
Garlic grained

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