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Company VEOS NV was set up in 1974.

The group Veos studies and produces functional animal proteins out of pig blood.

These proteins are mainly used in meat-processing industry.

Each stage of processing is thoroughly tested and under severe control that clearly follows from quality systems certificates and ISO 9001.

Nowadays the group Veos consists of major international partners - manufacturing companies in Belgium (VEOS NV), France (VAPRAN SA) and Brazil (HEMOPROT).

For more than 30 years the group Veos has sold its products in more than 40 countries under the trademark Vepro.

The manufacturing process of animal proteins has some very similar stages with milk processing such as centrifugation, pasteurization, evaporation and spray drying etc.

The quality is one of the most important aspects that prove product assurance to the customers.  Veos has its own laboratories that are certificated in ISO 9001, HACCP GMP.

There is a quality inspection of raw materials, semi-finished and final products.

The range of the company Veos:

  • Plasma. Vepro 75 PSC

Plasma proteins have very important water-binding capacity. Within the heating for more than 65 0 viscosity intensifies by means of plasma protein denaturation. High capacity to gelatinization and solubility in brines give opportunity to use this product for whole muscle products pumping and ham producing.

Plasma is used in both hams and cooked sausage products.

  • Globin. Vepro 95 HV

 This patented globin protein is an excellent emulsifier. While producing warm emulsion one part of globin binds 20 parts of water and 20 parts of fat (1/20/20). For cold emulsion the ratio is 1/7/7.

Globin can be used in emulsified products (cooked and liver sausages, pate etc.)

  • Natural color. Vepro 70 Color P

Stabilized red blood cells are used in producing of semi-finished and sausage products.

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