Complex flavor-aromatic additives

TH "Technology Trade" offers its customers both flavour-aromatic and complex additives. Our partners are the world's leading ingredient manufacturers and suppliers for the food industry. 16 years of experience, own technological developments and know-hows make TH "Technology Trade" an ideal partner for the meat processing enterprises, as well as for manufacturers of fish and snack goods. Our service and competence is the answer to one of the key questions that constantly arise from our customers' technologists: "Where in Ukraine one can buy by wholesale complex and flavour food additives and ingredients that will allow to increase the efficiency and profitability of the manufacturing process?"


What the additives of TH "Technology Trade" are used for

The additives offered by us constitute a complex of natural spices, extracts of natural spices, as well as aromas and functional ingredients. The task for flavour additives in the product is to create a unique taste that will take the consumer's fancy. From the point of view of dealing with the technological challenges, additives should work effectively through Ukrainian raw materials, providing the necessary intensity of taste, as well as the optimal ratio of dosage and price for the ingredients used.

Scope of application for our additives

  1. Сooked sausages
  2. Semi-smoked and semi-cooked sausages
  3. Uncooked smoked and dry-cooked sausages
  4. Meat delicacies
  5. Cooled meat semimanufactures
  6. Fish
  7. Snacks


TH "Technology Trade" is the exclusive distributor of ingredients for food industry from the leading European manufacturers. Food products certification in the EU involves rigorous quality control. Therefore, the European Union Directives place high demands on the quality control of food products - they include audit that is carried out at the site of manufacture of the products, and availability of documentation developed on the basis of ISO 22000. Thus, quality of the products supplied by us is guaranteed by international quality certificates from our European partners.

Quality certificates

  1. HACCP
  2. ISO 22000:2005

Cooperation with us

TH "Technology Trade" provides for its customers services of developing customized technological solutions for the meat, fish and snack industry.

We offer ingredients and solutions that save our customers' resources. These solutions include presentation of the finished products and possibility of working out the product at the client's enterprise together with the technologists of TH "Technology Tr

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