Individual technological solutions

Tecnology Trade provides the services of individual product development based on the technologists' extensive experience and creativity of the young specialists, combined with the studies of the final consumer wishes and the analysis of clients' product l

Development of innovative solutions – marketing and experimental department

Marketing department of "Technology Trade" regularly analyizes the market and consumer demand. We always know, which product the final consumer wants to see.

Basing on analytical data, the "Technology Trade" team developes solutions for the new products launch.

We improve them until the perfection is reached on our own factory, so we do not distract you from production by contionuous expirements.


As a result we suggest new products, the success of which on the market is guaranteed


Experimental workshop

The technologist of "Technology Trade" presents the finish product, produced in the experimental workshop, then improves production in the manufacturing conditions of the client's company.


Development of new products on the basis of our expiremental department


We suggest only verified recipes and ingredients and also save your time: technologists come to you with the samples of final products.